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ChanteClair Sustainability Matters

Call for ideas and innovation

Call for ideas and innovation

Gruppo DESA, with the help of Compendia and The European House - Ambrosetti, is set to launch “ChanteClair Sustainability Matters®, call for ideas and innovation” – an initiative aimed at start-ups, SMEs, research centers, universities and researchers who have innovative ideas relating to:

  • New products or new formulations relating to the main components of cleaning agents, detergents, fabric softeners:
    • Alternative surfactants to petroleum-derived surfactants
    • Surfactants derived from recycling used materials
    • Enzymes
    • Perfumes
  • New materials to be used for packaging (bottles, labels, caps, plastics, cartons)
  • New forms and technologies for packaging and delivering products to consumers

Among the proposals and ideas submitted by applicants, the best 5 will be selected and presented to Gruppo DESA's top management. The goal is to examine the proposals and ideas in detail and to evaluate the possibility of establishing a mutual growth path and direct collaboration with DESA Group.

Gruppo DESA

Gruppo DESA is an Italian-owned market leader in the detergent, home cleaning, personal hygiene and cosmetic sectors, and deals in the production and marketing of well-known consumer brands such as ChanteClair, Quasar, Spuma di Sciampagna, Sauber, and Persavon. The sectors it operates in are characterized by an ever increasing attention to issues surrounding the circular economy and the efficient use of all resources in order to respond better to consumers' needs personal hygiene and health.

DESA Group regards the primary objective of sustainability as striking the right balance between "use of natural resources" and "economic growth", while ensuring a better quality of life for present and future generations.

“Our goal is to offer consumers a complete range of specially designed products that are also highly performing, innovative and ecological, thus providing the exact solution to cater to the needs regarding personal care, home and household detergent products.”

These words encapsulate the Group's mission, as the company continues its investments in research and development in order to bring constant improvements and enhancements to its products and production processes in an effort to meet the current and future needs of consumers.

Through its other companies in the corporate family, Gruppo DESA covers the entire production chain from the careful selection of raw materials to bottle blowing, right down to mixing and packaging the finished product. In particular, the Group carries out the production of:

  • Powder and liquid detergents
  • Detergents for small and large surfaces
  • Dishwashing detergents
  • Fabric softeners
  • Bleaching and stain removing additives
  • Laundry soap and toilet soap
  • Personal care and hygiene detergents;

as well as the blowing of polyethylene, polypropylene and PET bottles in various formats.

The Group's research and development operations, run from laboratories located at the company's various manufacturing plants, have created highly successful products that been continuously perfected and updated over the years.

Innovation is the lifeblood of the Group's many operations: raw materials are constantly analyzed in the laboratory and new technologies are applied in an effort to roll out premium detergents with high quality standards that guarantee maximum consumer satisfaction. Around 300 new formulas are developed annually. The company invests on average 15% of its annual turnover in the research and development of new formulations, new products and in updating its machinery and equipment.

Gruppo DESA intends to further expand its commitment to innovation and this "call for ideas" aims to extend the invitation to like-minded innovators in all areas of the Group's operations.