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Geico is a global supplier specialized in the supply of turnkey painting plants for major car manufacturers worldwide. Based in Cinisello Balsamo, a district of Milan, Geico is the spearhead of the Italian-Japanese group Geico Taikisha, which has 5000 employees and is present in over than 20 countries worldwide. Committed to a policy of sustainability, in 2017 it reached its Energy Independence Day objective, which is to offer the market a plant that is self-sufficient in terms of energy, reducing the consumption of its own plants by 70%, from 900 to 270 kWh per bodywork, while the remaining 30% of energy demand is powered by renewable energy. Geico has always pursued a policy of continuous research, development and innovation, which allows us to guarantee our customers the best and most competitive technological solutions in respect of the environment, such as the management and recovery of waste paints

Geico’s Values

A strong ethic is the guiding concept both inside and outside the Company.
Loyalty, Transparency, Consistency, Determination and Passion are the values that have always guided Geico to meet the critical expectations of customers while respecting people, communities and the environment.


The aim of the call is to identify the best solutions and innovative ideas proposed by start-ups, innovative SMEs, research centres, university spin-offs for:

  • Allowing reusing the air in the booth avoiding the passage from the air handling unit
  • Reducing energy consumption (both for the operation of the separation system and for the treatment of the waste obtained)
  • Reducing the quantity and cost of waste disposal
  • Automating routine maintenance of the system or making it manageable by low skilled workers
  • Reducing management logistics, both in terms of space required for procurement/disposal and of material to be moved to and from the filtration system from dedicated warehouses
  • Maintaining low the costs of investment in the plant, with the idea of not discouraging customers from trying out the new solutions proposed


Technology areas

  • Paint overspray collection systems
  • Coating booth primers
  • Innovative paints
  • Filtering systems
  • Nanomaterials
  • Drying techniques
  • Adsorbent materials

Call for Innovation

Geico Taikisha and Compendia-The European House Ambrosetti launch Sustainable vehicle painting, the new call for innovation aimed at start-ups, SMEs, micro enterprises and individuals who can bring real innovation in the following areas:

  • Management of over-spray and booth bottoms through the design of air-paint separation plants and the collection of this separate paint
  • Separation and collection plants for separated paint
  • Adsorbent materials with the ability to capture on their surface all types of paint molecules and then be regenerated for reuse
  • Innovative filters for the reuse of the paint separated from air
  • Nanomaterials to be used as intelligent structures: for example in filters made with building materials such as stone, ceramic, metal, other innovative and eco-sustainable materials.

With the Open Innovation we focus our attention on increasing the effectiveness of the group's core industrial process, looking for cutting-edge solutions that have already been validated by the market, which reduce paint waste and the environmental impact they generate.

Feature Water cabin bottom Dry cabin bottom (powder) Dry cabin bottom (cartons)
Air recirculation Possibility With treatment outgoing air Yes Yes
Power consumption High Medium Low
Maintainability Tricky Medium Easy
Maintenance technician level High High Low
Logistics for operation Medium Low High
Volume of waste Medium High Low
Installation cost Medium High Low


Air-paint separation plants Booth over-spray Over-spray recycling Nanomaterials Adsorbent materials Waste disposal Painting booths

Round table

The proposals that we have received from you all are being analyzed.
The date of the pitch day will soon be communicated through this site and our social channels.

How to take part

If you are a start-up, an innovative SME, a research centre, a university spin-off or a natural person with an innovative proposal consistent with the call, please fill in the registration form in the "Submit your application" section. The form will give you the opportunity to enter a description of your start-up and support attachments.

Selection Process

After receiving your application, a team of experts will carry out a first evaluation of your start-up and if it will be considered as one of the best start-ups, you will be called for a round table (the date will soon be communicated).

A panel, including Geico Taikisha and Compendia- The European House Ambrosetti, will evaluate submissions and documents. If you are one of the best five participants, you will be called for a round table, at Geico Taikisha in Cinisello Balsamo. Selections will take place from 6 November to 31 January.


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